19 Jul

About Bully Dog Performance Tuners

Bully Dog Tuner

Bully Dog Tuner

Bully Dog performance tuners are currently available from partsengine.ca, a car part dealer operating out of Canada and intended to serve those who drive through the roads and country of Canada, a rugged terrain that most drivers will agree requires specialized equipment to traverse. Some of Canada’s terrain is uncomplicated, but most of the vast swathes of wilderness that make up the bulk of the Canadian country side where even the extensive highway systems don’t go is seldom very easy on even off road vehicles, let alone vehicles that have not been modified to go off the paved roads. With this in mind, partsengine.ca sells a wide range of auto parts intended to make the drive through the rugged Canadian roads and even more rugged Canadian wilderness easier and less painful for the car itself, as well as the passengers.

Bully Dog performance tuners in particular are a hot item in Parts Engine’s catalog. One of the most popular performance tuner brands in Canada, these tuners are state of the art devices, a best selling set of chips, tuners and programming software that has won renown across Canada, these devices are best installed with equally powerful engines. When installed on an appropriate engine, cars and trucks enhanced with these tuners experience a noticeable boost in the vehicle’s torque, its horsepower and its overall performance on the roads and wild terrain alike. Even more enticing, particularly for owners of larger vehicles, these devices can easily improve an engine’s fuel economy, which can save even occasional drivers quite a bit of money surprisingly fast. With improved performance and power being offered through a simple modification, it is no wonder that these chips and tuners are among the best selling of their kind in Canada.

The main device sold is the Triple Dog Gauge Tuner. This device serves as an engine tuner, a digital engine monitor, a gauge and a digital vehicle diagnostic device. With this device installed, users can make changes to areas such as the RPM of an engine, the transmission of the vehicle, control over the air/fuel ratio of the vehicle, the ignition timing of the engine the rev limiter of the engine. Given their digital technology, these devices can also provide a driving coach, intended to provide real time feedback to drivers as to how to maximize their vehicle’s fuel economy, which can save a lot of money even in the short term, particularly with modern fuel costs. It also provides a wide range of monitoring capabilities for information many drivers have good reason to want to know about, such as the temperatures of exhaust gases and the temperatures of air and engine intake.

The Watchdog fuel economy monitor is a similar device to the Triple Dog’s driving coach, but includes a number of ways to monitor data from everyday driving, as well as towing performance and safety warnings. This information is based around the vehicle’s parameter’s and specification details. Intended to allow drivers to monitor what their vehicles are doing, this device is an impressive way to monitor a vehicle’s performance.