08 May

Popular Services Provided By Commercial Interior Design Firms

For businesses, having a beautifully designed space can go a long way toward creating the right image. Working with commercial interior design firms gives companies a leg up on their competitors by allowing them to create a lasting impression on their customers or clients. These firms provide a number of different services including the ones listed below:

1. Space planning. The way that a space is laid out affects not only how it looks but also how it functions. The space planning process involves figuring out the best layout for the space so that it is as efficient and attractive as possible. A lot of different factors need to be taken into account when coming up with a final plan including the local building codes and regulations and the overall functionality of the space.

2. Art selection. Artwork can completely transform a building, turning it from a bland, boring space into an inspiring, attractive area where people enjoy spending time. Oftentimes, businesses hire commercial interior design companies like Philpotts Interiors to help them select artwork that is suitable for their space. This can range from finding paintings to hang on the wall to commissioning large-scale art installations that completely transform the space.

3. Furniture selection. Like art, furniture can also have a major impact on the overall look and feel of a space. Furniture pieces not only need to be aesthetically pleasing but they also need to be comfortable and functional to use. A good interior design firm can help businesses find furniture that meets all of their requirements in terms of functionality while still being attractive enough to dress up their space.

4. Choosing finishes. The finishes in a space have a surprisingly powerful impact on how it looks and feels. Imagine walking into a space with glossy white marble floors, glass block walls, and sleek countertops. The overall feel of a space like this is a lot different than a room that has natural slate floors and dark wood paneling on the walls. Interior design firms can help businesses choose the right finishes for their space depending on the atmosphere that they are trying to create.

5. Redesigning existing spaces. Interior design trends are constantly changing. Spaces that were modern and attractive a number of years ago may look worn and dated today. Companies that specialize in commercial interior design can help businesses redesign their existing space, giving it a fresh, modern look that draws more people in.

These are just a handful of the services provided by commercial interior design firms. These firms can help businesses in a wide range of industries make a better impression on their clients through the use of beautiful design.

People usually form an opinion about a business within just a few minutes of walking through the front door. Through the use of good interior design, companies can make an excellent first impression on their customers and clients.

Along with creating spaces that are more attractive, design firms can also help companies maximize the functionality of their business through effective space planning.