15 Jan

Why You Should Use Time And Attendance Software Today

Keeping track of your employees, specifically when they come to work, and when they leave, is best delegated to some type of software. There are software programs that use facial recognition technology that can easily identify a person, register the time that the scan occurs, and that can help you keep track of how much that you should pay them. It is becoming more standard today. It is a way of preventing fraudulent listing of hours worked. Best of all, it is now more affordable than ever before, and you can get excellent software from a company called TimeTrex.

How Does The Software Actually Operate?

The software works with the camera on an iPad or iPhone. It will then take a picture of the person that is in front of it. By doing so, it can then determine if this is the individual that is clocking in. Once it does that, they will be able to register when a person has come to work, and also when they leave. This could also be placed in front of the facility, allowing people without their iPad or iPhone to register using the scanner provided. One of the top companies in this industry called TimeTrex is one that you should consider getting this off from.

What Products Do They Offer?

This company offers many different products including time face recognition software, scheduling and leaving management software, along with programs that can help you simplify payroll. You can chart expense tracking, job costing, and HRM. All of this is possible with this business. They have been providing these services for many years. As they continue to expand, more services are continually offered. You can speak with representatives over the phone to talk to them about the time and attendance software that they have.

Why You Should Consider Working With This Business

You should consider working with this business for a couple different reasons. First of all, they have more than facial recognition software. You can also determine exactly when they arrive, leave, and also synchronize their schedules with everyone else at the facility. Instead of going to the process of requesting time off, this can all be done electronically. It can even help coordinate someone to cover a shift if someone needs to leave. On top of this, your payroll will be simpler than ever before, plus rule based time and attendance schedules will be automatically calculated. This will include paying them over time, at different pay rates, and can also calculate accruals and premiums.

Once you have visited their website, you will see why so many people switch over to this business. They may have had facial recognition software before, but this company does offer one of the best solutions in this industry. Once you have installed everything, you will see that operating your business is going to be easier than ever before. There are those that work for others their entire lives, and there are those that create businesses to enhance the lives of others. If you fall into that latter group, and you want to do the best for your employees, start using TimeTrex time and attendance software.