07 Sep

The Importance and Features of Portable Defibrillators

Portable Defibrillator

Portable Defibrillator

The defibrillator was invented almost a century ago, but the recent invention of a portable one has indeed become a game changer in saving millions of lives in our modern society. The cardiac defibrillator that was once an exclusive in the emergency room is today accessible to the general public, and that has helped the massed to fight the tragedy of death caused by sudden cardiac arrest.

But what exactly is a defibrillator and why is it important to own one?

A defibrillator is a gadget designed to combat heart attacks or cardiac arrest brought about by irregular heart rhythm or fibrillation. The irregular movement causes the heart to stop receiving adequate blood and can lead to sudden death if not treated immediately and properly. This device produces and delivers small electric shocks to the heart which have the capability to stimulate the heart to a more manageable rhythm and rate. To be more specific, the electric current is channeled through the victim’s body and into the heart through paddles or electrodes that are placed on the chest. The current causes the muscles of the heart to jolt or spasm and hopefully ends the fibrillation.

As mentioned above, heart defibrillators, in the past were only accessible to physicians and emergency technicians. They were bulky and complicated devices to use such that they were hazardous in the hands of an average person. It was unlikely to spot a defibrillator outside a hospital or a medical setting. However, thanks to the advancement in technology and continued research and development, we have been able to see the development of smaller, easy to use and portable defibrillators so that people can become lifesavers when a medical team is out of reach.

portable defibrillator for public access are usually automated, and this alleviates the risk involved when used by an average person. They come with the ability to evaluate whether the patient is need of an electric current and if so, it determines the power level and the wattage as well. That means that the user can’t override the determined values, and so, the chances of misuse are minimal. In addition to these appealing features, the lightweight and portability properties of these devices make them ideal for storage and use at any public venue including airports, schools, sporting events and even gate communities.

Texas AED (http://texasaed.com/) is one of the well-known dealers in Texas when it comes to portable defibrillators. They deal with some of the well-known brands such as Zoll, Phillips, and HeartSine. All these devices are known to make life-saving procedures easy, even for an individual with little to no medical training or experience. Most of the models they offer are designed for public access, and they are no bigger than a typical laptop. They ideally feature fully automated controls as well as instructions (voice prompts included). The devices detect what treatment is required and give straightforward and precise step by step instructions on how to handle the urgent care.