30 Jan

How To Use Glow Stones As Exposed Aggregate In Concrete Applications

Concrete applications with exposed aggregates like recycled beach glass or seashells are extremely trendy right now. One way that you can take this concept to the next level is by using glow stones in place of traditional aggregates. If you aren’t familiar with these stones, you are in for a real treat.

As you might guess from their name, they are designed to glow in the dark. Made by industry-leading companies like Ambient Glow Technology, these stones are infused with unique photoluminescent materials that make them glow in shades of blue or green after the sun goes down.

Unlike other types of outdoor lighting, they don’t require any electricity. Instead, they just need to be exposed to the sun during the day. You can use them in a wide range of applications. For instance, some people install them on their pool decks while others use them in their sidewalks or driveways.

Using glow stones as exposed aggregate in concrete applications is easier than you might think. Even though they look magical after they are installed, you don’t need to be a magician to complete the project. Instead, you just need a few simple tools.

The process begins by pouring concrete using traditional methods. After initially smoothing out the concrete, you can then apply the stones. The easiest way to place them is by tossing them out over the surface so that they scatter in a random pattern. Once they are in place, lightly use a trowel to work them down into the surface until they are even with the top of the concrete.

At this point, you need to decide whether you want to use a chemical or mechanical method for exposing the stones. If you decide to go the chemical route, you should apply an approved chemical retarder to the surface of the concrete. This slows down the curing time for the topmost layer of the concrete. As a result, the bottom of the concrete cures more quickly.

After a specific amount of time elapses, you can simply take a hose and rinse off the concrete. The topmost portion of the concrete will easily rinse away, exposing the tops of the stones that lie beneath.

Alternatively, you can also expose the stones manually. This process is a lot more labor-intensive than using a chemical retarder. With this method, you allow the concrete to cure fully with the stones still embedded in the surface.

After it has cured, you then can take concrete polishing tools to grind away the topmost layer of concrete and polish the surface until it is smooth. This type of manual polishing technique is typically used for indoor applications, although it can be used outdoors, as well.

Using glow stones as exposed aggregate is a wonderful way to create a unique look for an indoor or outdoor space. Just make sure to buy high-quality stones from a trusted company. That way, you can be sure that they meet or exceed your expectations in terms of their quality and their performance.

18 Jun

Tips For Buying A Force Transducer

When you are looking at a force transducer, you may not really know which one to buy. Since this is the case, you may need to use some tips to make it easier for you to pick out the proper one to use. This is why you are going to love this article, as it will provide you the tips that you need to get the transducer that will work best for your needs. Without this, you could buy one of these and end up disappointed that it is unable to do the work that you need it to be doing.

The first thing that you need to look at is the amount of force you can apply to this for it to work. This will be a couple of figures you are going to need to get and that includes the amount of pressure that you can apply at a maximum before it will break and the minimum amount of force. This way you are able to get the right force for your transducer and know it will be able to do the job and not break when you are trying to get the work done.

The amount of output for the force you are putting in is something else to consider. This is assuming you are putting the right amount of force on the transducer, but you need to make sure you know how much electrical output you will be getting out. So you should what the ratio of force to output is so you can guarantee you are getting the proper amount of force delivered to get the electrical output that you are going to need to have. You may find some of these will put out more with more force, but others are going to have a constant that does not change.

Finally, you need to know what kind of additional materials you will need for this to work properly. You may think this is not going to matter, but it really does as you will need to get the right amount of force applied to the transducer by the item they recommend to get it applied and then you need to have the proper collection materials to gain the electrical power that is being produced. Without this, you could have some issues in getting the right product to work for your needs.

When you are trying to find the right force transducer you may notice it is more of a challenge than what you planned. This is when you should know more about the tips that will make it quite a bit easier for you to find the right transducer. Then you can finally get the transducer and know that it will work for your needs. Without this, it is very possible to buy a transducer that will do some of the work that you are going to get done, but end up disappointed because it is not going to be the one that is going to do everything you want it to.

12 Jun

What Are Bid Bonds?

Contract Bid

Despite what you may think bid bonds are not investment instruments that allow you to earn money from interest. They are actually a form of assurance product that is used specifically in the construction industry and public works projects. How does it work?

Whenever there is a new construction project, the project owner opens it to bids to all qualifying contractors. All the contractors need to submit a bid bond along with their bid documents. Bid bonds basically assure the project owner that the project will be completed, or at least the project owner will be compensated, in case the contractor is unable to fulfill his obligations as a contractor. A bid bond is also known as a surety bond and it is always paired with a payment bond. The law requires a bid bond for projects over $100,000 and a payment bond for projects over $35,000.

Where can you get a bid bond? You can get them from surety bond companies. If you search for it online, you will see that there are many of them out there. However, not all of them would be willing to do business with you, especially if you fail to meet certain criteria. Most of them have a minimum requirement on financial standing and credit rating for all the companies that they extend bonds to.

Still, no matter what the size and shape of your company, it will not hurt to ask at least three different surety companies for a quote. If you are a new company or had a company that had just come back from a bankruptcy, you need to be prepared to pay more for a bid bond.

The price of a bid bond is usually just ten percent less than the total value of the project. If you are considered a high-risk contractor, be prepared to pay more, something in the area of over ten percent.

As for a payment bond, we are not quite sure how it works, however, we are quite sure that the companies providing it are the same companies offering the bid bond that goes with it.

As we said before, there are many surety companies out there that you can do business with. Again, not all of them would be willing to do business with you, and not all of them can do business with you.

As far as we know, you need to deal with a local surety bond provider if you are working on a local project. If you are working on a federal project, you have to work with a company that has a national presence. But that is just a guess that we have. We could be wrong.

Anyway, when it comes to finding a surety bond company, make sure to check out at least three. By check out, we mean asking them for a quote. You might just find that there is a small yet significant difference in their prices. So, go ahead and get quotes now.

24 Nov

Tips For Special Event Commercial Tent Rentals

Commercial Party Tent

Commercial Party Tent

If you are planning a big outdoor event, you are probably going to want to look into renting a commercial tent. The right tent will provide you with protection if it rains, and it will also be an excellent source of shade.

Most people don’t have a tent like this on hand, which means they will have to turn to rental companies in order to get what they want. These tips should help you with the process of special event commercial tent rentals.

Book Your Tent Early

Even if your event is quite a ways off, you should try to book it now. The longer you wait to book your tent, the more difficult it will be for you to get what you want.

Every tent rental company has a limited amount of tents in stock. Once those tents have been rented out, that’s it. There are no other options.

If you want to make sure that you have plenty of choices, you should book your tent as soon as you possibly can. Start looking at rental companies right now. Once the date of your event has been set in stone, you can go ahead and book your tent.

Explore Your Options

There are many different places to rent commercial tents. If you have never rented a tent before, you should take a closer look at your options and compare them against each other.

Try to find a few different tent rental companies that serve people in your area. Once you have found that much, start to see what all of these companies offer.

Go online and see which rental companies have the most positive reviews. Compare their selections and see which companies have the kinds of tents you are looking for. Call up several different companies and ask them for a price quote. Check to see which company has the most affordable rates.

Plan For The Worst

There’s always a chance that something will go wrong when you rent a tent. However, as long as you are fully prepared for these kinds of mishaps, they shouldn’t pose much of a problem for you.

When you talk to tent rental companies, find out how they handle different types of issues. What will they do if your tent is damaged in some way? What will happen if there is a delivery issue? Find out how they handle tough situations.

If a company is prepared for worst-case scenarios, it is likely that your experiences with them will be quite smooth. If a company doesn’t have any back-up plans in place, you should proceed with caution. You’ll be fine if everything goes as planned, but you could be stuck without a tent if there are issues.

If you are interested in special event commercial tent rentals, you should start looking into your options now. Renting a tent usually isn’t challenging. You probably have a lot of great tent rental facilities in your area. If you take advantage of every option, you should be able to accomplish a lot.

13 Oct

Found Cheap Event Rentals With Regal Tent

Event Tent

Event Tent

I was helping plan a large community event for the end of the summer. Every year there is a big party in our town and there are lots of vendors and other things to do. At the end of the evening, they finish the party off with fireworks. It is a big event that many people enjoy in our town. This year I decided that I would help with the event in any way that I could. I went to the first meeting for the committee and told them that I would love to help in any way that I could. They told me that they would be assigning tasks for people that want to help.

They went over the event and discussed the costs and what they would have to spend for the event this year. They talked about the vendors they planned on having and other activities and events they wanted to do during the party.

Next they went over the supplies and the other things we would need to get for the party. They said they would need to find a company that has event rentals because we would need to get tents for the event. They said that they always use the same company, but wanted to check to see what other rental companies charged for the tents. I told them I would take this task on and I started looking for information about event rental companies in our area.

I called to see what they would charge for the amount of tents that we would need for the party. I found that Regal Tent had the lowest price in the area. Their tents are also really nice and many people have great things to say about this company.

I went to the next committee meeting and told them what I had found out. I let them know that Regal Tent has the cheapest event rentals around. I told them what they charged for the tents and they agreed this is the company they would use for their tent rentals for this party.

This company also brings the rentals you get to you so you don’t have to find the transportation to get the things you need. They arrived with the tents and even set them up for the event. These tents looked really nice and were exactly the right size. Everyone on the committee was really happy with the way they worked out and how much they cost to rent. I am glad I was able to help out with this party. It is something that I look forward to every year anyways and now I can help plan it. I plan on being part of this committee every year so I can help with the biggest party of our town. I love being a part of it and giving my ideas to the committee so they can make the party even bigger and better each and every year.

06 Jul

Why Companies Need Rig Mats

rig mats

rig mats

Working in the middle of the fields or just off the edge of the road is something that can happen for a lot of companies, especially utility programs. This is when people should know that it is also important that they do not damage the ground when they are doing this work because they could get stuck in their vehicles and it tends to upset people when they see the ground damaged by the utility companies. To avoid this, people should know why they need to have rig mats to help them out in keeping the ground protected as much as possible.

The mats are going to help in keeping the vehicles off of the ground directly. When this happens, people will find it is going to help them out because the vehicles are not going to be in direct contact with the ground, which means the weight of the vehicles is not concentrated. So the vehicles will not have as high of a chance of being stuck in the road. However, they can get stuck if the mats break, but in most cases the mats, like those from Northern Mat, are made from materials that are very durable and do not break easily.

Distribution of the weight evenly is something else people are going to enjoy. A common complaint when the utility companies are working in the fields is the destruction of the field. This is often done because the vehicles are in direct contact with the ground at only a specific point, mainly the wheels. With these mats it is rather easy for the weight to be evenly distributed which is going to reduce the amount of weight being concentrated on a specific area of the ground and this often makes it easier for the ground to avoid being damaged.

Ease of use of these mats is another thing people are going to like to see. While the mats may seem like they are very difficult to use, people need to realize it is actually quite a bit easier than what people think. So people need to make sure they understand the fact that these mats are going to be very easy for people to use and know it is going to protect the environment because of how they are operating. Without this, people may struggle to get the mats in place because they are thinking they are heavy and impossible to move, when in reality they are very easy for people to move.

When people are working in the utility field, they need to realize that damaging the ground is not something they should be doing. This is when people need to know about why they need to be using the rig mats. By knowing about these mats, it will be easy for the company to see they can do their work and not damage the ground they are working on. Without this, people may end up thinking the only way to reach the work site is by going off the road with no way to protect the ground.

01 Jun

Why You Should Obtain Pork Imports From Eastern Meat Solutions

Pork Imports

Pork Imports

If you are looking for the best source for quality meat, this can sometimes be a difficult task. Your local supermarket may have meat that is adequate for everyday meals, but if you are planning something special such as a graduation party, a birthday, or a special night with friends who enjoy a good barbecue, you will want to use only the best meat available. A company by the name of Eastern Meat Solutions is one of the leaders in providing quality meat for people in both Toronto and Montréal. Let’s take a look at why EMS is such a popular business for obtaining the finest meats available, including pork imports, as well as offering services to properly package your own meat for sale and distribution.

An Overview Of Eastern Meat Solutions

EMS started back in 1967, under the name of Eastern Townships, selling powdered milk to people overseas. After being introduced to the dairy industry, they then decided to get into the meat packing business of processing meat and providing it to retailers. After consolidating their efforts in 1990, the began to grow over the next decade, expanding their business using logistics and CRM team support. It was not until 2008 when the name Eastern Meat Solutions became the new name for the company, providing only the best quality meat available. They further expanded into Sierra Custom Foods and SSCS to provide better services for their clients. This company is now one of the most respected suppliers of quality meat in the industry, and they also offer many other services.

Services Offered By EMS

They offer many different services including logistics, supply chain, and forward contracting services. They are also experts at meat staging and processing, capable of handling a large array of processing and packaging services. Their goal is to always provide long-term support for their customers, providing tailored solutions for any individual that will need their unique services. They are able to do deboning, dicing, and slicing of all of the meat, prior to its packaging. They offer certified and regulated safety controls, using what is called box freezing, which is perfect for not only storage but the transportation of your meat products. They have also earned federal safety certifications including a HACCP certification, which should give you confidence if you decide to work with their business.

If you are looking for a company that can handle all of your pork imports, as well as other meat products that you may need to process. Additionally, if you are looking for the best pork cuts that are available including London eye steak, rib chops, and spareribs that you can use at your next special occasion, you can also get access to the best pork, beef, and poultry available in Toronto and Montréal from this company that you can trust. If you do have a special occasion coming up soon, and you need to gain access to the finest pork imports available, you can’t go wrong by trusting Eastern Meat Solutions to provide you with the best pork in the industry.

13 Apr

Helpful Advice When Using A Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator



One of the most important things that a trucking company must know ahead of time is what their costs are going to be. Operating a trucking company and not knowing what these costs will be, is surely going to put you in a deep hole if you haven’t planned on all the added expenses that go with.

In order to help, it is important that you use a trucking cost per mile calculator that will show you in detail your expenses provided everything goes smooth. Calculating your costs can help you plan a long-term strategy on how to effectively grow your business. It’s like any other business, except with trucking you do have a lot of added expenses that other companies don’t have to worry about.

The trucking cost per mile calculator is there to help you determine what your overall expenses will be, this way you can give your shippers the best price on a per-mile rate. If you don’t have a calculator to tally your costs, how can expect to post a profit? Actually, any trucking company that does not track and control all of their operating expenses can pretty much expect to be out of business shortly.

You must know what your costs and anything else that might pop up unexpectedly along the way. This is usually done on a per mile basis, so you can break it down much easier to give the best price to your customers. If you aren’t breaking it down on a per mile basis, there is a good chance you will lose money.

When using a cost per mile calculator, certain information needs to be put in to ensure you get accurate results. How many miles do you estimate that you travel in a month? How much is your truck note each month? How much is your truck liability insurance each month? How much is your truck cargo insurance each month? How much do you estimate you spend on maintenance each month? How much is your license (IRP, apportioned) plate cost per year?

The questions above should produce an accurate estimate of what your trucking costs will be per mile. Once you figure that out, then you can go about setting your rates. The trucking market can be extremely competitive and difficult, which is why many companies go out of business very quickly.

If you can’t get your bookkeeping down pat, it will hurt your chances to survive as a trucking company. There are so many factors that can determine whether or not you are successful, but proper bookkeeping should be high on your list of priorities. Keep in mind you also have shippers who rely on your company to get their products to the destination on time. If you aren’t keeping track of your trucks, their expenses and everything else your company deals with on a daily basis, it can be difficult to survive in this business.

Using a trucking calculator to help you figure out your daily expenses is a great tool to use to help set your rates. This is what can make or break your company, so be sure to practice good bookkeeping skills, then set your rates accordingly.