01 Jun

Why You Should Obtain Pork Imports From Eastern Meat Solutions

Pork Imports

Pork Imports

If you are looking for the best source for quality meat, this can sometimes be a difficult task. Your local supermarket may have meat that is adequate for everyday meals, but if you are planning something special such as a graduation party, a birthday, or a special night with friends who enjoy a good barbecue, you will want to use only the best meat available. A company by the name of Eastern Meat Solutions is one of the leaders in providing quality meat for people in both Toronto and Montréal. Let’s take a look at why EMS is such a popular business for obtaining the finest meats available, including pork imports, as well as offering services to properly package your own meat for sale and distribution.

An Overview Of Eastern Meat Solutions

EMS started back in 1967, under the name of Eastern Townships, selling powdered milk to people overseas. After being introduced to the dairy industry, they then decided to get into the meat packing business of processing meat and providing it to retailers. After consolidating their efforts in 1990, the began to grow over the next decade, expanding their business using logistics and CRM team support. It was not until 2008 when the name Eastern Meat Solutions became the new name for the company, providing only the best quality meat available. They further expanded into Sierra Custom Foods and SSCS to provide better services for their clients. This company is now one of the most respected suppliers of quality meat in the industry, and they also offer many other services.

Services Offered By EMS

They offer many different services including logistics, supply chain, and forward contracting services. They are also experts at meat staging and processing, capable of handling a large array of processing and packaging services. Their goal is to always provide long-term support for their customers, providing tailored solutions for any individual that will need their unique services. They are able to do deboning, dicing, and slicing of all of the meat, prior to its packaging. They offer certified and regulated safety controls, using what is called box freezing, which is perfect for not only storage but the transportation of your meat products. They have also earned federal safety certifications including a HACCP certification, which should give you confidence if you decide to work with their business.

If you are looking for a company that can handle all of your pork imports, as well as other meat products that you may need to process. Additionally, if you are looking for the best pork cuts that are available including London eye steak, rib chops, and spareribs that you can use at your next special occasion, you can also get access to the best pork, beef, and poultry available in Toronto and Montréal from this company that you can trust. If you do have a special occasion coming up soon, and you need to gain access to the finest pork imports available, you can’t go wrong by trusting Eastern Meat Solutions to provide you with the best pork in the industry.